Top Facts to Consider to Get Degree in Engineering

If you’re looking for a course in engineering and you want to succeed in the journey, then you may want to check out this page for some useful tidbits you need to know about engineering admission.
degree in engineering

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What Courses and Tests to Take in High School?

  • 4 years of Math, including Trigonometry, Algebra II, Calculus and Pre-calculus
  • Minimum of three years of science, including Physics, including labs, Chemistry and Biology
  • 4 years of English, any computer science or engineering courses
  • Two to three years of a foreign language course
  • Two years of social studies

Who Do You Want to Be?

There are many types of engineering, including chemical engineering, such as materials engineering, bimolecular engineering, process engineering and corrosion engineering. Also, there are civil engineering courses, such as environmental engineering, structural engineering and transport engineering. Additionally, there are mechanical engineering courses, such as vehicle engineering and sports engineering. There are also electrical engineering, such as computer engineering, power engineering and optical engineering.

What Degrees Can Pay You Back?

  • Petroleum engineering, $102, 300
  • Chemical engineering, $69, 600
  • Computer engineering, $67, 300
  • Nuclear engineering, $67,000

What Are the Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees Based on Payscale?

  • Mid-career pay for actuarial mathematics, $119,000 while early career pay is $58,800
  • Mid-career pay for electronics and communications engineering, $116,000, while early career pay, $65,000

Comparing Engineering Degree Programs

For software engineering, there are many online programs, as well as for hardware engineering, computer engineering and electronics engineering. For median salary, software engineering professionals may receive a median pay of $93, 350, while computer engineering professionals earn a median salary of $108, 430.

Remember these facts and decide which engineering course may be for you. Most importantly, select the one closest to your heart.

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